Welcome to Bright Rock,

BRIGHT ROCK is an educational consulting and counseling agency located in Cameroon and in Maryland in the United States of America.


ICEF certified educational counselor, US MD Certified Real Estate Agent.

BRIGHT ROCK is an educational consulting and counseling agency located in Cameroon and Maryland in the United States of America. It is authorized in Cameroon under registration no: TPPRR/RC/LBE/2018/0197 under the style and name of BRIGHT ROCK LTD. It is authorized in the state of Maryland under work order no: 0004764414, Authorization ID: W17975954 as Bright Rock L.L.C


BRIGHT ROCK focuses on helping prospective international students who intend to study in any particular international destination (Country), make an informed decision and choice of a study destination. Help students with possible career paths about a particular program of interest, Counsel, and help students to know the possible study options and future careers about a particular program upon graduation. We help students know the admissions requirements for most educational institutions and those with a formal corporation. We help provide students with informed requirements about their study destination.

BRIGHT ROCK was founded in 2017 in Maryland in the United States of America and Cameroon in 2018 with a total of 3 Branches now worldwide, with 21 staffs and 4 immigration lawyers, 2 educational counselors

The Director of BRIGHT ROCK LTD, MR VANDERVLIES has been an educational and travel counselor for 12 years, Certified ICEF agent counselor, has worked as an admission recruiter/coordinator/ Representative for international students for schools in Europe, Asia, and in America with a broad knowledge of student recruitments. He has also been a recruiting agent working for vdecconsultancy ltd in Cameroon for 9 years, attended many educational workshops in Africa, Europe, and North America invited by EEUA, ICEF, Weba, etc.


Our team is dedicated to helping prospective students around the world find their educational institution( College/University). We welcome students seeking to gain admissions into a certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate educational programs in any of our partner institutions around the world.