International Students always faced the difficult choice of choosing a study destination ( Country), a study program that fits their educational and career aspirations. Sometimes they are faced with the choice of too many countries and information on the internet and end up not knowing which country to choose and what programs they can be accepted into with regards to their academic qualifications. Some apply to fraudulent schools, others submit to schools without the proper accreditation/recognition. For the above reasons BRIGHT ROCK assist prospective international students in the following:

  • We Provide face–to–face counseling with our prospective students to understand their educational goals and career aspirations. 
  •  We guide them on program(s) selection  to meet their career aspirations 
  • We provide  detailed information about the  Colleges and  Universities that offer their intended program(s) and their requirements for application 
  • We guide our students on the location of their future University/ College depending on which University/ College they have chosen.
  • We provide our future applicants  or students with  the immigration requirement  for their chosen country, the location of the embassy  taking into account where they are contacting us from and making  sure they understand what it will take  to  gain admission, and the study permit requirement for their chose destination 
  • We guide our students with the living condition in the respective countries that offer their intended Major and the possible careers after graduation from the intended major. 
  •  The prospective student is provided with the opportunity to choose whether we assist with the submission of their application in one of our partner institutions for acceptance following standard requirements for the Program and the University requirements. 
  • We assist the students in the registration of Internationally recognized Language tests such as IELTS. TOEFL. SAT, GRE, GMAT, SAT ACT, depending on the admissions requirement for their chosen program( s) and  Immigration requirements.  
  • We mediate between the University/College and our prospective students where we have a partnership with the set university/College.

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